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"For over 40 years, Psychology Today has dedicated itself to exploring the connections between mind, body, and spirit! In every issue, Psychology Today addresses why we behave the way we do and how we engage with the world around us; as well as how we react to life stages, including birth, career choices, marriage, adversity, and success. Psychology Today assists our readers with making healthy lifestyle decisions by embracing positive behavioral changes that infl uence not only themselves but the world around them!" - Psychologytoday.com

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Caroline Beaton 1 year ago

Psychology Today graciously and enthusiastically accepted me as a blogger, and their blogger accounts are very straightforward and easy to use. They have a wonderful help/"Green Room" community on the backend for bloggers to help each other, but the editors are pretty much MIA--no surprise given how many submissions they need to process. As is standard for many bloggers, I'm not paid, but I do receive substantial exposure which is worth a lot to me.     


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