Playboy is a monthly men’s magazine with features on music, sports, sex, fashion, celebrities, culture, politics, business, censorship, automobiles, technology, gadgets, and more. 

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Scott Carney 1 year ago

Most people are at least mildly amused when I tell them that I write for Playboy. There is a stigma that Playboy is porn and that their editorial standards must not be that good. The go-to line has always been "I read it for the articles," followed with a swift and obvious wink. The truth is, however, that Playboy isn't actually porn (the Internet eclipsed that status a long long time ago). Both of the feature articles I wrote for them were fact checked and edited smartly. They were consistently able to make decisions on pitches within a week. Payment was 2 weeks after submission, and expenses were very straight forward. They paid a fixed fee for an articles of 5,000-6,500 words and offered a generous rate. The only reason that I'm giving them 4 stars instead of 5 is that they recently let go of my editor Stephen Randall, and I have been hearing rumors that the magazine is going to have some changes in their staffing that will make Playboy less hospitable to writers.     


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