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Scott Carney 1 year ago

A few months ago I had a conversation with an editor at the magazine who told me that they kill 50% of the stories they assign. The only way I can interpret this is that they intentionally over-assign in order to choose from a wider selection of quality content. Unfortunately their contract does not mention that they are speculating on content, and if they don't run a story the NYT mag will still only pay the 25% kill fee. This is not an ethical usage of the kill-fee clause. They are counting on killing stories in their business model, not because reporters are necessarily doing a bad job. While it may make the magazine higher quality for readers, it takes advantage of writers who are awed the the possibility of a byline here that they will under-cut their own interests. This happened to me on a story I wrote for the Times that went through eight drafts only to be killed. There was a problem with the piece, of course: It was investigative in nature and the idea that I pitched in good faith did not turn out to exist once I had spent several weeks researching the idea in India. We weren't able to do a write-around to fix the idea and I ended up wasting a colossal amount of time on a dead end story. All that said, The New York Times magazine is probably one of the most consistently excellent long-form magazines in the country. Their editors are generally some of the most experienced in the business and landing a story in these pages can help slingshot a writer's career to a new level. However, I cannot in good conscience give the NYTmagazine anything more than a 3-star review because of its practice of speculating on content.    


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