"Nautilus a new kind of science magazine. We are here to tell you about science and its endless connections to our lives. With rich storytelling and sumptuous hand-drawn illustrations, we connect tackle one mind-expanding topic on the time. Every month on our website, nautil.us, we weave together stories from science, philosophy and fiction in ways you've never seen before. And every three monthswe combine the best of our web content with new in-depth features to produce the most desirable object in all of science publishing: theNautilus Quarterly. Nautilus gives its readers choice. Essays, investigative reports, interviews, first-person narratives, fiction, and collaborations; our readers find what they are looking for atNautilus, and see a world more interconnected than they imagined. Unique, literary, visual, diverse, engaging, Nautilus reminds us why we care about science" - nautil.us

Reviews (2)

Anonymous 11 months ago

Segal isn't responsive at all to writers. They are way behind schedule in payment.    

Anonymous 1 year ago

Don't waste your time with editor Michael Segal.    


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