Innovations Stories

Innovations Stories (www.innovationsstories.com) is a brand new digital publication launched out of Innovations, a journal from MIT Press that has published academic articles on social entrepreneurship by globally recognized entrepreneurs, academics, and thought-leaders over the past 10 years. Innovations Stories seeks to be a more approachable, more engaging venue for multimedia and long-form human interest stories about the innovators who are changing their communities and their world with homegrown solutions to pervasive problems. We publish moving narratives about people who overcome hardship, adversity, and failure along their personal pathway to solving societal challenges.

We aim to contribute to a more just and balanced media industry by publishing stories of overlooked talent globally. We source approximately 80 percent of our stories from the Global South, and whenever language skills allow, try to publish work from writers who are from the countries they are reporting on. We believe that amplifying unheard voices has real, powerful consequences.




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