Josh McHugh 

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WIRED 1 year ago

Loved my years writing for Wired. Joined during the last months of the Katrina Heron era, was there most of the Chris Anderson era. They sent me to incredible places and gave my stories top-notch edits. And that includes "The Bob Edit," Bob Cohn's unavoidable direction to cut back on the writerly wanking and get to the point. Only reason not five stars: as a San Francisco-based contributing editor for 6 years (2 years freelancing before that), I never received an invitation to the Wired holiday party. Thank you, WordRates, for letting me get that off my chest.     

Alex Heard 1 year ago

Alex edited some of my first Wired pieces. When he moved to Outside, I had a disastrous pitch meeting with him where he (rightly) shot down my first 5 ideas, all surfing-related, in 3 minutes flat. Out of desperation (where all the truly good story ideas come from) I pitched him a story about me, training to dunk a basketball. When he stopped laughing, he gave it the green light. I spent 2-3 hours training, 4 days a week for the next 6 months. The story ran, and was the subject of Dunkumentary, a short (heh) documentary which ended up screening at the Cannes Film Festival. Moral of the story: Make Alex laugh, and you probably have something worth doing. And no matter what you write for him, you will almost certainly sweat a lot.    


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