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We believe that writers deserve to be middle class. PitchLab is an innovative new approach to selling long-form feature articles to magazines, radio programs, websites, and newspapers. It follows the same successful business model that works in the book publishing industry. Our team of mentors will take your idea out to the market and find it the best possible home. We oversee the business side of the publishing process, negotiate the contracts, and process the billing so that you can focus on what is really important. PitchLab aims to develop new and established writers into world-class journalists. We work closely with several literary and film agencies in New York and Los Angeles to ensure that every story we work with has a path to grow into a book, TV show or film. PitchLab charges an industry standard 15% commission for the pieces that we agree to work on, and our experience suggests that writers who use agents generally make more than they would if they negotiated on their own. 

We are currently accepting submissions for magazine cover stories, exclusive in-depth investigations, high-profile celebrity interviews, and any other big idea that is likely to drive the national conversation. Because of the high volume of submissions we receive, we are unable to accept every pitch into our pipeline. In order to negotiate the best deal on your behalf, we ask that you give us exclusive access to your idea for up to 14 days while we review your pitch.

If you haven't pitched a major magazine story before, we highly encourage you to read the Quick and Dirty Guide to Freelance Writing for samples of successful pitches, as well as an overview of the publishing industry. 


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