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Anonymous 1 year ago

He's not the worst guy out there. Fairly non-responsive if you don't follow up, but if you follow yup he'll get back to you. I put in a huge amount of effort into my first piece with him, which he'd mentioned was a "trial" piece to see if I was write for contributing to FastCo. They were looking for regular contributors. He seemed to really like the piece. After that piece was filed and as soon as I asked about a higher rate and contributing more, he went MIA. I kept at him and he told me eventually that that was the rate and I wasn't getting any more and there was no longer a "contributor" position available anymore. I've since pitched him some things that he's turned down, but it's a pretty amicable relationship as of now... just for the amount of research/interviews required/etc, the rate of $600 feels low.    


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